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17 Dec

Gillian Mckeith Food Bible

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01-12-2015 We are living in a complex world. There are countless hurdles and enemies around us in different Shapes. These can be in the form of Financial, Social, and Spiritual and last but not the least Health enemies that also reflect its effects on the other side of life. We must aware ourselves with these enemies, if we want to spend a healthy and happier life. We are spending a “Warrior” life to safeguard it. It is a global phenomenon that you cannot destroy your enemy without knowing its strategies. If your strategy will base on your enemy, then you have many more chances of success. You will have to move a step ahead of your opponent. Till the time we are unaware of the reason that causing to disturbing the balance of our entity, how we can control it.

Our nature enforces us to look healthy, young and happier irrespective of the fact that we act accordingly or vice versa. If we act opposite the nature, will through a number of negative effects on our life. Sometimes no way of escape. It is not hard to look healthy and young the matter is only the usage of full of nutritious food. We will have to overcome the root cause. It’s a matter of time bound. Usage of healthy diet that reflects its effect on our body.

How? Let us have a closer look over it:-


1- Carrot in western culture narrates as “food of eyes”. It carries beta-carotene, which transfers into “Vitamin A”. Vitamin A altered into the retina, to rhodopsin, a purple color necessary for night vision.

2- Regular metabolism results in cell damage in the body. The high level of beta-carotene contains by the carrot acts as an antioxidant to slow down the aging of cells.

3- Vitamin A helps the liver to through the toxins out from the body that minimizes the bile and fat in the liver.


1- Onion contains the physiochemical that improves the working of “Vitamin C”, gifting you with enhanced resistance.

2- Chromium in onions helps in regulating blood sugar.

3- Onion has been used to decrease inflammation and heal infections.

Olive Oil:-

1- Olive oil contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, not only benefit us on the inside but also soften our skin too.

2- Olive oil being a part of our daily diet works as a lip gloss and skin smoother. A dry skin, particularly benefits from topical application.

3- Its addition to healthy Mediterranean diet provides antioxidants to defuse free radicals and shrink inflammation.

Here we mentioned a few but strong benefits of a healthy diet that affect our body from head to toe and allow us to feel and look healthier and younger.

No one is perfect about everything. Everyone seeks assistance regarding the subject to practice in his or her life. One of the renowned and from well aware celebrities in the food world is “Gillian Mc Keith”.

Gillian McKeith in her book named “FOOD BIBLE” summarizes the nutrition’s in a few phrases. She describes the pros of the healthy food and a number of recipes to fill your life with a nice taste. Gillian in such way knowledge us that we easily understand to how to treat with our diseases with taste. It’s a user friendly book. It’s really having a Bible status in the food world. All those are hectic from their un-balance life must pass through this book. Food Bible will definitely safeguard their health, age and look in all the manners. Gillian work in the book reflects the depth of her knowledge and her passion towards her profession.

About the Author:

I am a professional content writer. Now my article is on Gillian Mckeith which is UK top Nutritionist. They are dealing in many familiar brands. I suggest you to visit Gillian McKeith Books to Join Gillian McKeith wellness and weight loss club.


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